Welcome to Georg Gadow’s Blog

The following comments and thoughts are meant to be relevant to the lives of a few other people, although they evolve from my own experience and actions. As perhaps all public thinking should, they try to maintain a sense of humor, which is the first requirement for all forms of decency.

Since the laughter of the Greek gods on Mount Olympus has not been heard for a while, the human race may now maintain at least its own smiles about itself. Prometheus only stole the fire of the soul for us from those gods. One may well think that without the cooling energy of laughter, the fire of the gods was a dubious gift, as even recent history keeps reminding to us.

In the face of much of the pessimism that seems to have become pervasive among thoughtful people, young and old, I would maintain that good challenges are primarily to be enjoyed while they last, not to be won forever. What we do rarely extinguishes the fires of destruction, the heated battles or the self-righteous stupidity that many seem to parade around as their birthright. There is, I believe, an ebb and flow of the forces of good and not-so-good. We define ourselves primarily by the beauty we help to create, as well as by what we are against.

The main question to each of us is not if we can root out evil, once and for all. The question is if we are courageous enough to engage in those activities that are the best for now, as far as we can see from our always limited perspective (whether we are scruffy groundhogs or pure white mountain goats.)