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    July 12, 2011, 20:13

    Brief Bio: Georg Gadow, PhD currently directs the Leadership Track of the University Honors and Leadership program of University of Colorado Denver.In…

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    July 22, 2011, 01:08

    Welcome to Georg Gadow's Blog The following comments and thoughts are meant to be relevant to the lives of a few other people, although they evolve from my…

  • Short Takes 

    February 28, 2014, 02:08

    Recipe for war: "In peacetime one does not fight others, one uses them." ~ That in a poisonous environment Generosity + Trust = Weakness is not a reason…

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    September 11, 2011, 21:33

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  • Category: Uncategorized  (34)
    • Sexual Taxation, Political Erections, and Victorious Loss of Humanity by: Georg Gadow

      December 2, 2017, 22:14

      The Triumph of Inhumanity From time to time the human race is swept away by destructive impulses more insidious than any remnants of human decency can…

    • German Lessons Anyone? by: Georg Gadow

      March 5, 2017, 13:35

      Goya: insanity Even ignoring for a moment all those German-speaking Austrians, including the Trump-successor on the TV show "Apprentice" (where ignorance…

    • The Excellent Usefulness of the Horse and Honors Students by: Georg Gadow

      September 25, 2016, 19:05

      (based on Dr. More) And now a word about our surely excellent children: Since I always urge my students not to start their papers with such low-brow…

    • Pilgrims by: Georg Gadow

      February 18, 2016, 22:57

      Ancient Football Commissioner Sex scandals not to the contrary, the Commissioner of the NFL was confirmed by the NFL bishops for the song and prayer of…

    • National Recycling Advocates (NRA) by: Georg Gadow

      October 4, 2015, 11:20

      Size Matters There are apparently multiple ways in which "spent bullet casings" (feeling spent from too much penetration) and shotgun cartridges can be…

    • Manly Reality by: Georg Gadow

      December 21, 2014, 19:53

      Voyeur Adam; Lilith and Eve According to the Oxford English Dictionary: "The traditional distinction between sensuous and sensual is that sensuous is a…

    • Do Fence Me In by: Georg Gadow

      December 21, 2014, 14:57

      I am not a pig, you are A pig on the other side of the fence is never indifferent. Not to me. I am better than that. A reason to prey and pray, to…

    • "Fermi Paradox" by: Georg Gadow

      November 23, 2014, 07:08

      A gifted College Senior sent the following request, which I will of course have to honor, as part of my playing with students' minds: "I enjoy reading your…

    • Separating Mind and Body by: Georg Gadow

      November 22, 2014, 22:48

      Revisiting the film version of Alexandre Dumas' "La Reine Margot," centered around the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of 1572, I was reminded of how fervently…

    • Why Good Christians Vote and Pray Republican by: Georg Gadow

      October 23, 2014, 10:54

      Usually less than meets the eye, but don't look!!! In a recent interview for Der Spiegel (2014 10 23), a recruiter for ISIS faithfully recited the…

    • Propriety: The Anti-Human by: Georg Gadow

      October 5, 2014, 12:12

      Does it matter? Reports today suggest that Princeton scientists may have discovered Anti-Matter. That of course could be used to wipe out everything that…

    • The Truth is Bad by: Georg Gadow

      July 30, 2014, 19:51

      A question we may ask of people who have not been properly introduced is: "What is more important to you, the difference between bad and good or the difference…

    • And do not lead us into temptation by: Georg Gadow

      June 6, 2014, 09:17

      Two Buffoons: Putin and Berlusconi Perhaps nothing is more destructive to the spirit of democracy and to friendships than the need to feel superior. The…

    • π-ning and depression by: Georg Gadow

      June 5, 2014, 15:18

      The NY Times today ran a headline "British Bank Regulators Pine to Win a Big Case." escape into the poetry of numbers Pining is not what it used to be.…

    • The Good Deeds Dance by: Georg Gadow

      June 2, 2014, 11:29

      When I was a student, a businessman from Texas once asked me if I would help him get rid of an old desk, too rickety to be of any use, but too heavy to move…

    • 50 cents by: Georg Gadow

      May 1, 2014, 13:39

      One can of course buy cheaper bullets, as cheap shots for 20 cents a hit. Or, if one really cares for one's fine weapon, one can lavish it and future corpses…

    • The Tragedy of Beauty by: Georg Gadow

      February 22, 2014, 19:59

      let's conquer each other Fanaticism, religion, greed, fear, hate, and boredom as sources of human destructiveness and wars are said to be far beyond what a…

    • Firing a Nun by: Georg Gadow

      February 18, 2014, 20:32

      The word is finally out! A federal judge sentenced an 84 year old nun to three years in prison, partly for not being repentant about having tried to share the…

    • Life Begins With Lust by: Georg Gadow

      August 31, 2013, 13:36

      once more with feeling A common misconception is that life begins with conception. Surely, this is an aborted attempt at philosophizing à la Hegel, about…

    • McCarthyism and Why The Poor Don't Have Secrets by: Georg Gadow

      August 25, 2013, 13:45

      Not worth spying on... My grandmother once told me that in the poor village in Pomerania, in which she grew up, parents and children slept in the same…

    • Vilifying by: Georg Gadow

      August 25, 2013, 10:41

      We need villains. Reagan had his Evil Empire, thank God. The Evil Empire had Capitalistic Imperialistic Swine, thank Marx. Catholics have Protestants, for…

    • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) by: Georg Gadow

      April 30, 2013, 06:44

      Long Live the Simple Nothing spreads faster and more effectively than stupidity, the simple, uncomplicated. Simple viruses and bacteria can devastate the…

    • Access by: Georg Gadow

      November 20, 2012, 19:51

      Phallic Symbol A German high court just ruled that the 1.4 million servants of the Lord in Germany may indeed go on strike, if the spirit moves them. How…

    • Quaint by: Georg Gadow

      August 26, 2012, 10:34

      Schiller, in his famous Ode to Joy, declared that joy is the divine spark in all of us. Beethoven centered his last great work, the 9th Symphony, on this…

    • Zero Interest by: Georg Gadow

      August 26, 2012, 08:51

      According to a report by Spiegel magazine, strip bar owners in Tampa expect lucrative business during the Republican convention, this coming week. One wily…

    • Against by: Georg Gadow

      May 11, 2012, 10:23

      There is a rumor that some members of our political system are against everything, therefore they must also be against America. When any sense of justice,…

    • It's the Law by: Georg Gadow

      December 4, 2011, 16:52

      Perhaps it was not our ancestors who, for untold millennia, believed that the world is controlled by the whim of gods - perhaps it was not them, after all,…

    • Your Reverence by: Georg Gadow

      November 13, 2011, 07:15

      I did not mean to say that it would be easier now, having shared relief, somewhere off-stage, while the costumes continue the ragged fight: in a fleeting…

    • Un-Happy Hunting by: Georg Gadow

      November 12, 2011, 22:46

      There is a controversy brewing, among academics well-armed against happiness, about a new project to make the soldiers of the United States Army happy.…

    • Feeling Flushed by: Georg Gadow

      November 12, 2011, 19:16

      The cello was taken aback by the squirrel's forward intrusion. "I hope you don't mind," shrieks the beast from the rind, "I just flushed la…

    • Once Upon a Time by: Georg Gadow

      November 12, 2011, 18:56

      Once the smog has lifted and the human anthill no longer produces new pollutants, what will our stony remnants dream about? What fairy tales will…

    • Hungry Layers by: Georg Gadow

      November 5, 2011, 15:07

      Connecting inward and outward: sometimes it feels as if our self dwells just inside or outside our own skin. We get a sense that we have neglected to connect…

    • What We Are Part of by: Georg Gadow

      November 5, 2011, 10:58

      Depending on how insular we like to insist on being, taking a soul-cleansing tour to the stars, as part of our daily hygiene, can be either humbling or…

    • Heteroontology by: Georg Gadow

      October 31, 2011, 21:40

      Lovely words we can sling at each other, like candy or poisoned darts. Unfortunately, "HeterOOntology" is not really a word, although I rather like the two…

  • Category: Thoughts from the Fence  (53)
    • West of Babel: IT by: Georg Gadow

      September 13, 2015, 14:32

      According to Genesis 11, in the Judaeo-Christian texts, "Now the whole world had one language and a common speech the people moved eastward... 'The Lord…

    • Self-Defining Journalism by: Georg Gadow

      January 4, 2015, 21:43

      pedigree Quaintly enough, the origin of "pedigree" is "foot of the crane." Beyond obvious explanations, there is the pattern that some people crane so…

    • Bonsai! by: Georg Gadow

      December 31, 2014, 19:14

      Elegance:  unforced Cranes glide peacefully to new communal grounds, no instructions needed. They pair naturally, to call out in unison, she…

    • Forked Facts by: Georg Gadow

      November 30, 2014, 18:37

      Those who like to speak in forked tongues tend to appeal to FACTS to speak for themselves. Too Many Gods Spoiling the Soup Actually, what happened at…

    • Resistance is Futile by: Georg Gadow

      August 26, 2014, 21:52

      and ascended into heaven We are told, today, that the 2nd test of the American "Advanced Hypersonic Weapons" (AHW, to say it more quickly) has failed.…

    • Bagging by: Georg Gadow

      June 21, 2014, 10:45

      friended The Bagging-Book   "Then the master told his servant, 'Go out to the roads and country lanes and compel them to come in, so that my…

    • Bad Design by: Georg Gadow

      June 2, 2014, 12:16

      It often seems regrettable that the gods did not place the mouth right next to the ear. That way nobody else would have to pretend to listen or feel like an…

    • Precious by: Georg Gadow

      June 1, 2014, 12:18

      "It feels good to be wanted, to be needed" is perhaps one of the most misleading pieces of advice we can give to our young. We are used to talking about the…

    • Blessed Are the Poor... by: Georg Gadow

      February 22, 2014, 14:47

      Some people have made a lot of money and gained a lot of power by preaching that we should not help the poor. The Tea Party and Congress, in cutting even…

    • Elephants and the Holy Grail by: Georg Gadow

      February 18, 2014, 14:18

      Recently, there has been a renewed interest in discoveries related to the fact that elephants have empathy with the suffering of others. An article by Plotnik,…

    • NSA, BND and Tolerance toward Religious Totalitarianism by: Georg Gadow

      August 12, 2013, 11:32

      The Allfather Odin An old Icelandic manuscript depicts Odin, the Allfather of the Gods, as having two ravens (the birds of death) whispering in his ears,…

    • Desirability-Challenged by: Georg Gadow

      July 24, 2013, 19:46

      Superb(ia) One may suppose that not being desirable is the greater challenge. And yet, all too often, being afflicted with the burden of desirability can…

    • Of Mystical Surrogates and Prejudiced Communication by: Georg Gadow

      April 28, 2013, 12:06

      The sex-psychologist Christoph Joseph Ahlers, in a recent interview with "Zeit," repeated the idea that sexual interaction is the most intimate form of…

    • Minor Scale by: Georg Gadow

      December 9, 2012, 00:05

      To be finely tuned and ever so predictably on time? Let us all! Is time only a tune clicking along too slowly to sing a song with us? Does in-tune so chain…

    • Posh Ethics by: Georg Gadow

      May 28, 2012, 07:12

      One strives to be bettah... Surely, rising to the cream of the riding crop also entails, at least at the level of the horse's arse, that one has acquired an…

    • Spare Tires inside the Schoolbus by: Georg Gadow

      April 28, 2012, 20:36

      Every morning and mid-afternoon, the heavy diesel engines of whole armadas of school buses rumble through this densely populated middle-class neighborhood,…

    • Religious Communication by: Georg Gadow

      March 20, 2012, 23:19

      If religion has taught us anything it is that we can be most sure to be heard when no one is listening. Indeed, we have a long history of expert interpreters…

    • Man of the Cloth by: Georg Gadow

      February 18, 2012, 10:38

      cardinal in full crochet: holy holy Imagine religion without cloth. What would happen to distinction, extinction of sin, and unctuous wrapping of insignific…

    • Sacred: The Will of the People by: Georg Gadow

      February 12, 2012, 10:41

      Prompted by George Stephanopoulos of ABC during a Republican debate, Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney declared “I never said I was pro-choice, but my…

    • Scrambled Angels by: Georg Gadow

      January 14, 2012, 20:50

      The following thoughts are quite unclear, but my hand was guided by my confusing Guardian Angel: As the stomach turns, watching the reality show of…

    • Seriously by: Georg Gadow

      December 7, 2011, 19:12

      Rarely do we preface our remarks with "jokingly" or "humorously." We like to add that after the fact, "just joking," as if to forestall the possibility of…

    • Approximations by: Georg Gadow

      December 5, 2011, 09:39

      Ever since Plato, mathematicians have liked to maintain that examples in the physical world for geometric forms or even for fractions are only approximations…

    • Lost Manhood by: Georg Gadow

      December 4, 2011, 20:37

      Her lover, the Wiz, used to make it his biz, to procure adornments for Liz. Or so he maintained, till the truth was so strained by his acts, that she…

    • Irresponsible by: Georg Gadow

      December 2, 2011, 20:00

      If we did not anticipate the end of the harvest season and the end of the snowfall and the end of... would we just be like fish in the water, swimmingly…

    • You Have the Right to Remain Silent by: Georg Gadow

      November 30, 2011, 06:24

      Some rights seem liberating, until we consider what the implications are of being told, officially, that we have this right. Why would an authority figure of…

    • Learned Logic by: Georg Gadow

      November 19, 2011, 20:14

      During a recent presentation of a much admired anthropologist, it became all too clear, once again, how the obvious, stated somewhat obscurely, can…

    • What Tense and How by: Georg Gadow

      November 13, 2011, 09:49

      Seeking to establish and maintain just the right amount of tension, with gears and levers, with love and longing, present tense and past. Very tense. Soon…

    • Family Photos  by: Georg Gadow

      November 5, 2011, 09:02

      Children playing, uncles, aunts, cousins, but most important: new games to try. Lost in the moment, no chores or boredom uncomfortably narrowing the birth…

    • Post-Democracy by: Georg Gadow

      November 5, 2011, 07:01

      Among rubble of riches, yet to sprout more yet-to-be invented gadgets on the fertile soil of trashed imagination, in Europe, they are now talking,…

    • Blessed Are The Rich in Enemies by: Georg Gadow

      October 22, 2011, 09:22

      There are all kinds of recommendations for achieving the surely desirable state of "blessedness," whatever that condition itself may be. From being poor in…

    • The Stuff We Are Made Of by: Georg Gadow

      September 25, 2011, 23:41

      Stories of Creation

    • Dead Ends by: Georg Gadow

      September 22, 2011, 07:03

      Dead Ends

    • Beyond Comparison by: Georg Gadow

      September 20, 2011, 16:30

      What needs no improvement

    • How to Clean Profits by: Georg Gadow

      September 14, 2011, 14:39

      Profits creating poverty from the top down

    • Turned to Stone by: Georg Gadow

      September 11, 2011, 23:33

      Natural environments and stories, compared to concrete and glass buildings

    • Gentle by: Georg Gadow

      September 7, 2011, 23:02

      Self-destructive aggressiveness

    • Clothes without Emperor by: Georg Gadow

      August 31, 2011, 23:05

      Titles, like uniforms, do not honor a person, they make the person disappear. If the tale of "The Emperor's New Clothes" made fun of an emperor, who…

    • Of Dachshunds and Fall Foliage by: Georg Gadow

      August 31, 2011, 21:13

      Reductionistic scientism would have us believe that every feature of living beings has to have a selfish purpose. Evolution based on survival of the…

    • Bullseye by: Georg Gadow

      August 23, 2011, 09:09

      How easy it is to be thoughtlessly gruesome. We use expressions, everyday, it seems, that would make us cringe if we thought about what we are saying. Wh…

    • Revenge by: Georg Gadow

      August 20, 2011, 21:42

      In Mozart's perhaps most famous opera, The Magic Flute, the head of the all-male order of the disciple of Osiris sings, in deep, lecturing voice to his young,…

    • Treasures by: Georg Gadow

      August 16, 2011, 15:18

      We used to treasure gold because of its beauty, Now we value gold for what it trades for. It's our duty to trade beauty for more. More what?

    • Be Prepared by: Georg Gadow

      August 14, 2011, 05:33

      If we are wise, we are prepared for (nearly) all eventualities. The Swedes used to have the custom that the future bride would sew her death gown as part…

    • The Nobility of Decency by: Georg Gadow

      August 12, 2011, 03:40

      The Latin root of decency refers to the concept of what is fitting. The best English usage of the word “noble” may refer to that which is uncontaminated,…

    • Profit and Beauty by: Georg Gadow

      August 10, 2011, 16:17

      When did we ever introduce the custom, the morality that we are not supposed to look with pleasure when another person in the room is beautiful, unless all…

    • Jobs by: Georg Gadow

      August 6, 2011, 16:03

      We are at a strange crossroad in human development. In many areas of our world, we no longer have to work in order to survive. On one hand, having plenty…

    • Ignore by: Georg Gadow

      August 1, 2011, 23:31

      It has been said that "You shall know them by their fruits," organic or pesticide purified. However, one could also make a case for "You shall know them…

    • All Things Considered by: Georg Gadow

      August 1, 2011, 15:56

      All things considered, We really know nothing, and of that very little.

    • Debts: What can you do with a drunken sailor... by: Georg Gadow

      July 30, 2011, 20:40

      More heated commentary about who is at fault for the debts. Some people fear that the world, as we know it, will come to an end. Other people fervently pray…

    • Recurring Puzzle by: Georg Gadow

      July 23, 2011, 20:33

      One of the most important questions in the universe: is "IT" covered up, partially or fully, because we would otherwise be irresistibly attracted to IT, or is…

    • Finding more pleasure in imagining sailing than in sailing by: Georg Gadow

      July 22, 2011, 01:02

      It of course isn't the sailing itself (either on the sea or in the bedroom). It never was. Neither is it stroking the catgut string on a Stradivarius with…

    • Animal Pleasures by: Georg Gadow

      July 22, 2011, 00:55

      A lovely new book just came out, by an animal behaviorist of all things: Jonathan Balcombe "The Exultant Ark - A Pictorial Tour of Animal Pleasure." It shows…

    • Washing the Truth Away by: Georg Gadow

      July 22, 2011, 00:52

      Tolstoy has been quoted as saying: "Truth, like gold, is improved not by additions, but by washing away all admixture." Sounds good and decent. However,…

    • Love and Marriage for Collectors by: Georg Gadow

      July 12, 2011, 20:13

      Think of the curious obsession with stamp collection: men and women of all ages take it upon themselves to focus hours of attention, every week, on little…

  • Category: Comments  (2)
    • The Most Beautiful Word by: Georg Gadow

      August 28, 2011, 18:52

      Sometimes noises coming from the market place, through the closed window, can wake us from pleasant dreams. Sellers, at the NY Times, of selling space to…

    • Children of Unreason by: Georg Gadow

      July 27, 2011, 21:46

      The NY Times today published an editorial under the title "A Denial of Reality". In this biting commentary, the author asks: "How can so many Republican…

  • Category: Ethics  (24)
    • Fear of Trash Removal Services? by: Georg Gadow

      October 12, 2016, 19:51

      How dare this dog... As Republicans are deciding whether to hold their noses or turn the other cheek to make a contribution, as the stench from years of…

    • Lying to Liars by: Georg Gadow

      September 25, 2016, 14:55

      We grow up being taught that if lying is the lesser of two evils, then lies should become part of our faith, as we rally around the flag. St. Trump-and-the-…

    • To Whom it May Concern by: Georg Gadow

      January 18, 2015, 12:57

      Future Subversives Finland, sporting one of the most frequently admired education systems in the world, is planning to abolish the teaching of handwriting…

    • Ethics of DNR by: Georg Gadow

      December 21, 2014, 12:37

      Much has been made of the ethics of "Do Not Resuscitate" or "Do not Respond, when you see no life signs."  It is an admonition to a person capable of relevant…

    • ISIS: Hollywood Extras Dying to Be in The Movies by: Georg Gadow

      October 9, 2014, 21:08

      While the international press and whole flocks of politicians are competing over who can roar the loudest against the blood and gore perpetrated by ISIS,…

    • Interference by: Georg Gadow

      August 31, 2014, 19:51

      "You make me mad" - seek help All interferers are created equal and should be treated as such. It does not matter who interferes with whom and for what…

    • Transients by: Georg Gadow

      February 27, 2014, 15:34

      Please Hide! More revelations about the astonishing suggestion that the government is actually interested in what its citizens think. Now they are said to…

    • Pleasure: The Target of All Organized Evil by: Georg Gadow

      September 16, 2012, 08:47

      The apple was good. What the god did was evil. And therein lies the difference of good and evil. Try to think of an organized religion that does not gain…

    • Houses of Gossip by: Georg Gadow

      May 13, 2012, 10:11

      "And do you know what He said then...?" I have heard it said that people on Wall Street are ten times more likely to tell ruthless lies than the general…

    • The Multiverse and the Ideal Me by: Georg Gadow

      December 16, 2011, 18:59

      Sometimes we can forget that much of our best efforts have been about trying to find ideal attitudes within ourselves, toward fellow human beings. A case could…

    • Unwanted by: Georg Gadow

      December 15, 2011, 06:32

      Among Plato's collection of somewhat adolescent pronouncements is his famous "to know the good is to do the good." In a recent interview with Spiegel magazine,…

    • Of Ultimate Worth? by: Georg Gadow

      December 10, 2011, 10:35

      In a recent interview with "Die Zeit," the Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz is quoted as saying that "we love according to the rules of the market." When I asked…

    • The Innocence of Anonymous Assessments by: Georg Gadow

      October 15, 2011, 13:44

      As education evaluators and outcomes assessment experts proliferate like rabbits, with very little evaluation of the outcome of their impact on our incomes or…

    • Don't by: Georg Gadow

      October 1, 2011, 19:10

      When we take a closer look, it can be amazing how much of human energy is spent on "DON'T." Even those darling children know already that, to get their…

    • Percival and The Quest for Becoming Good by: Georg Gadow

      September 22, 2011, 21:56

      We can loose our sense of goodness as we strive toward that holy grail

    • Progress by: Georg Gadow

      September 21, 2011, 23:19

      Insanity and Capital Punishment

    • Relativity and the Stories We Tell by: Georg Gadow

      September 18, 2011, 13:11

      Stories determining our choices, politicians as story tellers

    • Another Kind of Memorial by: Georg Gadow

      September 11, 2011, 06:49

      Preventable Deaths without dedicated Memorials

    • Racism inside out and outside in by: Georg Gadow

      August 30, 2011, 00:04

      Racism is of course a deadly serious matter, if only because it has turned deadly so many times already, in so many vicious ways. The sad thing about getting…

    • Fear of Each Other in the Dark by: Georg Gadow

      August 18, 2011, 14:21

      It is a sign of how civilized we are, whether we can trust each other at night. By that criterion, many of our cities are more and more uncivilized, and we…

    • Millions of Righteous Reasons for Bad Manners by: Georg Gadow

      August 17, 2011, 17:19

      To make someone feel bad is, at the very least, bad manners. And yet we have invented whole religions, reams of law books, and endless "educational" procedures…

    • Generosity in a Den of Religious Materialists by: Georg Gadow

      August 16, 2011, 05:17

      President Franklin D. Roosevelt remarked that much of the country, much of the time, is in the grips of materialism and then tends to vote Republican. He…

    • Justice: Oh, say can you see by: Georg Gadow

      July 23, 2011, 22:10

      I have heard it said that justice is usually depicted as blind, except for one statue in Italy. That is of course Italian propaganda. There are plenty of…

    • Deadly for Others by: Georg Gadow

      July 22, 2011, 19:45

      One of the seven deadly sins, greed, seems to be only deadly for others, these days. While corporations place wonderfully vague ETHICS CODES on their…

  • Category: sketches  (38)
    • Responses to Neither Rhyme nor Reason by: Georg Gadow

      March 12, 2017, 18:39

      How can we possibly respond to those who neither rhyme or reason. What do we do with a spoiled child, who throws a temper tantrum, screaming and twittering…

    • On Being Right when Nothing Else is Left by: Georg Gadow

      July 16, 2015, 14:41

      Fear of Seeing (There's a yellow streak in Texas, that you've got to see, and nothing else can cure her, but guns for you and me...) The media once…

    • The Importance of What is Even Worse by: Georg Gadow

      January 6, 2015, 11:58

      While Oscar Wilde happily explored "The Importance of Being Earnest," an even more poignant topic is the importance of "worse." Whether we are talking about…

    • Prickly by: Georg Gadow

      January 6, 2015, 11:23

      everybody wants me Some people suffer from illusions of being so desirable, in the midst of barren landscapes, that they surround themselves with endless…

    • Self Organizing Reverberations  by: Georg Gadow

      December 14, 2014, 18:36

      When I was three years old, our chauffeur looked at my once again bandaged knees and remarked that he had heard from our doctor that I am tough. Upon which he…

    • A Con-Descending by: Georg Gadow

      June 18, 2014, 13:02

      the privilege to be stepped on There is a certain pleasure in playing with people who insist on being condescending. Every good con is based on convincing…

    • Full of Hollow by: Georg Gadow

      June 17, 2014, 11:18

      In the Know To be really real, emotions should be like bubbles, straight out of the bottle: all outside and nothing but hot air on the inside. As a…

    • Good Intentions by: Georg Gadow

      May 25, 2014, 11:29

      One of the oldest myths of the human race surely must be the story that having good intentions in our soul, wherever and whatever that may be, will radiate…

    • The Tragedy of Beauty by: Georg Gadow

      February 22, 2014, 19:59

      let's conquer each other Fanaticism, religion, greed, fear, hate, and boredom as sources of human destructiveness and wars are said to be far beyond what a…

    • Excellencies by: Georg Gadow

      March 8, 2013, 18:20

      How Excellent We Are! There is an Allium bulb that grows into a flower called "His Excellency." It belongs to the onion family, thus there are layers upon…

    • Innocent Bystander by: Georg Gadow

      December 8, 2012, 18:53

      Afghan_girls_in_September_2012 On December 3rd, the Military Times reported that the "International Security Assistance Force" in Kabul announced that it…

    • Anticipatory Nostalgia by: Georg Gadow

      January 15, 2012, 22:46

      We can look forward to no longer being where we have not even arrived. A good reason not to go there.       If the Greeks…

    • Story Time by: Georg Gadow

      December 15, 2011, 19:47

      We are responsible not only for the stories we tell but also for how we retell the stories. "Truth and Fiction," the title Goethe chose for his autobiograph…

    • Out of Touch: Yea!!! by: Georg Gadow

      December 4, 2011, 12:41

      According to recent estimates, each human being is host to 100 trillion microbes, forming a unique "microbiome" in and around each one of us. With American…

    • What a Relief by: Georg Gadow

      December 2, 2011, 19:59

      "Joy to the world, the Lord has Come..." Many strands are often unified in old stories, frequently seeming contradictory to us, now. We think we have to…

    • Sacrifice by: Georg Gadow

      December 1, 2011, 09:41

      Today, the Associated Press ran an article under the headline: "VP Biden, Iraqi leaders praise troops' sacrifices." I was trying to imagine a typical soldier,…

    • Political Prostitutes by: Georg Gadow

      November 29, 2011, 07:48

      (If one is firmly married to the idea that politicians should be the paid "leaders" of our lusts, then the following sketch may offend.) If we consider our…

    • Inner Demons by: Georg Gadow

      November 28, 2011, 19:28

      Even fear seems to thrive at a certain range of closeness. Perhaps that is why it is easier to scare children with what is behind the curtain over there…

    • Tracing - Strokes of Genius by: Georg Gadow

      November 24, 2011, 08:50

      To languidly trace the outline of the cheek or nose, the contours of the beloved, to cup the head of a young child in our hand and feel its vibrant curve:…

    • Lightly by: Georg Gadow

      November 15, 2011, 18:59

      A bee, an ant, a humming bird, approach the flower with the tenderness of a new-found love that might break contact if stormy greetings were in the…

    • Memento Mori by: Georg Gadow

      November 13, 2011, 11:57

      Vegetarians' Thanksgiving: He'd brought home the turkey, where he got it was murky. She did some carving, left the family starving. He claimed he was…

    • Politically Incorrect and a Danger to Society by: Georg Gadow

      November 7, 2011, 06:03

      Why is the "unexamined life not worth living"?  Why is the biography of a person who was simply happy throughout life so superficial as to be without…

    • Phoenix by: Georg Gadow

      November 5, 2011, 06:21

      How seamlessly the not-yet joins our no-more. Like the meeting between two half-strangers, Unsure when the ceremonious hellos Have transitioned into the…

    • Ties that Bind by: Georg Gadow

      October 23, 2011, 13:01

      Trying to catch a fly on the fly, we tie (ourselves into) knots with ties that bind, before we tie the knot, we tie one on. "Eensy Weensy Spider..." Wh…

    • Obedience & Death by: Georg Gadow

      October 23, 2011, 10:58

      It should come as no surprise that cultures which emphasize obedience are also preoccupied with death and the infliction thereof, at least by cathartic…

    • Beam in the Eye by: Georg Gadow

      October 9, 2011, 15:52

      Plato complained that we humans can only see shadows of reality and that therefore our desires are focused on what is without substance. It made him…

    • The Pleasure of Desire by: Georg Gadow

      October 4, 2011, 15:43

      There seems to be a universal conspirary against the desirability of desires, the wishfulness of wishes. And it comes from two opposite ends of the spectrum.…

    • Academic Research and Theology by: Georg Gadow

      September 25, 2011, 18:39

       Went down the stairs of a Museum of Ancient History. Hoping for the Past. Fragments of a Museum. It is an old one: needs new materials. They secretly…

    • The Family Farm and Communist Capitalists by: Georg Gadow

      September 21, 2011, 20:11

      The family farmers do not see much difference between being disowned by political parties or by corporate forces

    • Our Kind of People by: Georg Gadow

      August 31, 2011, 20:14

      Common geographic location, anatomical similarities, political grouping, religious allegiance, and similar external attempts of establishing an identity by…

    • Reason for Long Life by: Georg Gadow

      August 30, 2011, 00:41

      Bristlecone Pines are said to be the oldest living beings on earth, some of them having lived for over 3000 years. We may approach them with awe, wondering…

    • Beyond Rare by: Georg Gadow

      August 28, 2011, 18:53

      We are supposed to gauge its value by the iron law of supply and demand. They, these delicate summer swirls, are all the same, of course, from a…

    • Impurities by: Georg Gadow

      August 28, 2011, 18:51

      Pure water does not conduct electricity well. Mollusks without impurities do not produce pearls. A too regular heartbeat is a sign of trouble. Cracks and…

    • A Southern Thank You by: Georg Gadow

      August 25, 2011, 16:47

      Riding my bicycle across a narrow bridge this morning, a young mother with a small child made way for me. When I thanked her, she responded with a gentle smile…

    • Speechless by: Georg Gadow

      August 20, 2011, 21:41

      When we become quiet it may be because we have opened ourselves to perfection. Silence offered by beauty: the ultimate gift from the heavens?

    • Contrary by: Georg Gadow

      August 20, 2011, 16:47

      When we are young, what is against us seems to come from the outside. The bad witch who likes to consume children, or the wolf who wants to ingest Little Red…

    • Secrets by the Roadway by: Georg Gadow

      August 12, 2011, 01:32

      We pass by much unseen and unseeing. We do know, often with relief, that we have escaped the secrets, the anxiously held private stories or the bursting-to-be-h…

    • ASDM: Agressive Self-Destructive and Self-Mutilating Behavior by: Georg Gadow

      July 23, 2011, 19:45

      Aggressive Self-Destruction and Self-Mutilation The following sketch is more a plan for further investigation of human behavior than a finished product. L…

  • Category: Leadership  (25)
    • Prehistoric Gargantuanism by: Georg Gadow

      January 15, 2017, 20:18

      stumped goose The Royal Society of Open Science recently published an article about a giant goose which lived several million years ago: Garganornis…

    • Bored by: Georg Gadow

      October 11, 2016, 18:58

      A. Frustration Family Marbles Lost When we were students, we used to play a rather silly dice game, called "Frustration." The purpose was to throw dice…

    • Lying to Liars by: Georg Gadow

      September 25, 2016, 14:55

      We grow up being taught that if lying is the lesser of two evils, then lies should become part of our faith, as we rally around the flag. St. Trump-and-the-…

    • Martian Scientists Speculate about Signs of Intelligence on Earth by: Georg Gadow

      January 8, 2015, 12:22

      Martian Methane Machine There have been reports in the media, recently, about signs on Mars of possible former life. The first indication is, of course,…

    • I am full (of myself), but thanks anyway by: Georg Gadow

      December 27, 2014, 13:04

      Amid all the expenses lavished on protecting the security and virtue of our mighty country, the NY Times recently reported on volunteer drivers who steer cars…

    • Lowest Common Denominator by: Georg Gadow

      December 11, 2014, 12:28

      The least Once we have reduced people to numbers and human dignity to the titles that dignitaries need to cover their privates, such as "Professor" or…

    • If Only by: Georg Gadow

      August 28, 2014, 22:46

      Do we really understand why it is that societies and cultures in which women are respected as equals tend also to be cultures that are far less prone to start…

    • Gods of War by: Georg Gadow

      June 14, 2014, 12:38

      Heaven Looking at the rejuvenated spirit of murder, mayhem, and vicious cruelty that feeds the newspapers' front pages, the coffers of the arms industry…

    • The Locality Demon by: Georg Gadow

      June 1, 2014, 17:32

      and on the 7th day There is factual evidence for at least one demon, out there. Some joker keeps seducing people into believing that gods and demons are…

    • The Solution to Prostitution by: Georg Gadow

      February 22, 2014, 12:56

      Throughout recorded human history, it has been the fate of prostitution to go up and down, in human imagination. Some countries have been more steady in…

    • "Killing me softly, with your words..." by: Georg Gadow

      November 15, 2012, 12:44

      Raptor or Rapture? An average of 40 pages of lusty words the General is supposed to have written to his one (and only?) non-mistress, amounting to a solid…

    • On Sale by: Georg Gadow

      December 14, 2011, 19:24

      I am really going to miss you, cried the newly red state to the former blue: you were my only fertile  issue, and I always felt so new, opposing you. …

    • The Danger of Debating Republicans by: Georg Gadow

      December 12, 2011, 19:32

      Surely Mark Twain could not have been thinking about current Democrats when he pronounced (Innocents Abroad): “Nobody can steer a donkey, and some…

    • Heroes  by: Georg Gadow

      December 12, 2011, 15:40

      At a recent auction, a copy of a 1938 comic book on Superman was sold for .1 million. This isn't about children being sold silly comic books (to "capture…

    • Abuse by: Georg Gadow

      December 3, 2011, 12:18

      If you really want to ban pleasure forever, force people into it. Forbidden pleasures still can have a special sweetness, increasing the allure of what might…

    • Natural Congress by: Georg Gadow

      November 21, 2011, 19:18

      The history of human follies does make good reading, entertaining us with endless stories of how often the survival of the silliest seems to be part of the…

    • Service-Learning: Academics Against Education by: Georg Gadow

      November 15, 2011, 08:53

      Ever since President George Bush's "Thousand Points of Light," the country has been swept by a rising tide of dictated voluntarism and internships for the…

    • Traditional Socializing of Women and the S.A.T. by: Georg Gadow

      September 22, 2011, 10:53

      Standardized Testing and innovation

    • Who Has What: God(s) May Not Care by: Georg Gadow

      September 7, 2011, 17:14

      It is not what we have, it is what we do and how we do it that matters most.

    • CORPORATIONS R US by: Georg Gadow

      September 3, 2011, 16:10

      Fortune 500 companies compared to state government budgets, getting rid of government

    • Sanity by: Georg Gadow

      September 3, 2011, 02:20

      How can we evaluate the sanity of politicians

    • Preferring Fantasy to Unfamiliar Territory by: Georg Gadow

      August 30, 2011, 14:51

      A lot of nonsense circulating in our democracy is actually based on books. Don Quixote set out on his journey of lunatic heroism because of having read too…

    • The Most Beautiful Word by: Georg Gadow

      August 28, 2011, 18:52

      Sometimes noises coming from the market place, through the closed window, can wake us from pleasant dreams. Sellers, at the NY Times, of selling space to…

    • The Berlin Wall of Knowledge by: Georg Gadow

      August 26, 2011, 02:47

      For those who would teach distortions, nothing is as uncomfortable as a student who turns out to know as much as the teacher. Even God got furious when he…

    • Leadership - the (Dis)Comfort of by: Georg Gadow

      August 16, 2011, 21:47

      Germans love nouns (makes it easier to say "I didn't do it"). English speakers are more willing to use verbs. When it comes to leadership, however, Germans…