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Cranes glide peacefully to new communal grounds, no instructions needed. They pair naturally, to call out in unison, she sounding off twice for every of his one. No standardized tests required. nationally and internationally: a common core of life evolves in harmony, … Continue reading

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I am full (of myself), but thanks anyway

Amid all the expenses lavished on protecting the security and virtue of our mighty country, the NY Times recently reported on volunteer drivers who steer cars in the Presidential motorcade, without any training in security measures, but hopefully with a pretty … Continue reading

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Manly Reality

According to the Oxford English Dictionary: “The traditional distinction between sensuous and sensual is that sensuous is a more neutral term, meaning ‘relating to the senses rather than the intellect’, while sensual relates to gratification of the senses, esp. sexually.” … Continue reading

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Do Fence Me In

A pig on the other side of the fence is never indifferent. Not to me. I am better than that. A reason to prey and pray, to condone and to condemn. Alleluia. A season to kill. Amen. If there were no … Continue reading

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Ethics of DNR

Much has been made of the ethics of “Do Not Resuscitate” or “Do not Respond, when you see no life signs.”  It is an admonition to a person capable of relevant action. Important as such decisions may be, now and … Continue reading

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Self Organizing Reverberations

When I was three years old, our chauffeur looked at my once again bandaged knees and remarked that he had heard from our doctor that I am tough. Upon which he said: “I show you what tough is really like,” took … Continue reading

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Lowest Common Denominator

Once we have reduced people to numbers and human dignity to the titles that dignitaries need to cover their privates, such as “Professor” or “Terrorist” or “Mr. President,” everything else is just a question of finding the lowest common denominator. … Continue reading

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