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Why Good Christians Vote and Pray Republican

In a recent interview for Der Spiegel (2014 10 23), a recruiter for ISIS faithfully recited the world-wide dogma: “Democracy is for those without Faith.” Speaking anonymously, no pictures allowed, face covered with a heavy beard (no bare-faced lies here), … Continue reading

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ISIS: Hollywood Extras Dying to Be in The Movies

While the international press and whole flocks of politicians are competing over who can roar the loudest against┬áthe blood and gore perpetrated by ISIS, while right now these blood thirsty fanatics are decimating towns and villages in Syria and Iraq, … Continue reading

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Propriety: The Anti-Human

Reports today suggest that Princeton scientists may have discovered Anti-Matter. That of course could be used to wipe out everything that matters, with the possible exception of the human spirit, if it is viewed as immaterial. We have long labored … Continue reading

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