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More revelations about the astonishing suggestion that the government is actually interested in what its citizens think. Now they are said to save images of what  citizens look like when they communicate with each other (see today’s  news reports about … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Beauty

Fanaticism, religion, greed, fear, hate, and boredom as sources of human destructiveness and wars are said to be far beyond what a comfortable, educated fellow human being would ever aspire to. Not in our suburban neighborhood or our trendy downtown … Continue reading

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Blessed Are the Poor…

Some people have made a lot of money and gained a lot of power by preaching that we should not help the poor. The Tea Party and Congress, in cutting even support for food stamps, certainly have not hit on … Continue reading

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The Solution to Prostitution

Throughout recorded human history, it has been the fate of prostitution to go up and down, in human imagination. Some countries have been more steady in promoting politicians who are so staunchly against such practices that they feel compelled to … Continue reading

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Firing a Nun

The word is finally out! A federal judge sentenced an 84 year old nun to three years in prison, partly for not being repentant about having tried to share the bible with the guards, security guards who had miserably failed … Continue reading

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Elephants and the Holy Grail

Recently, there has been a renewed interest in discoveries related to the fact that elephants have empathy with the suffering of others. An article by Plotnik, CEO of Think Elephants International (which is not a Republican organization) reinforces reports such as … Continue reading

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