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Life Begins With Lust

A common misconception is that life begins with conception. Surely, this is an aborted attempt at philosophizing¬†√† la Hegel, about how the concept comes first and then the reality. After all, in the beginning was not life or conception, but … Continue reading

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McCarthyism and Why The Poor Don’t Have Secrets

My grandmother once told me that in the poor village in Pomerania, in which she grew up, parents and children slept in the same room, if not on the same mattress. Sex between parents was therefore no secret, nor was … Continue reading

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We need villains. Reagan had his Evil Empire, thank God. The Evil Empire had Capitalistic Imperialistic Swine, thank Marx. Catholics have Protestants, for the Love of God, and Shiites have Sunni, Allah be praised. Our football team has their football … Continue reading

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NSA, BND and Tolerance toward Religious Totalitarianism

An old Icelandic manuscript depicts Odin, the Allfather of the Gods, as having two ravens (the birds of death) whispering in his ears, about the ongoings of the world. Odin is of course blind on one eye (while justice is … Continue reading

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