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Lovely words we can sling at each other, like candy or poisoned darts. Unfortunately, “HeterOOntology” is not really a word, although I rather like the two eyes staring at us from its middle. I needed to compound it, because I … Continue reading

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Ties that Bind

Trying to catch a fly on the fly, we tie (ourselves into) knots with ties that bind, before we tie the knot, we tie one on. “Eensy Weensy Spider…” What would we be without the threads we add to our … Continue reading

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Obedience & Death

It should come as no surprise that cultures which emphasize obedience are also preoccupied with death and the infliction thereof, at least by cathartic pleasures. To obey an order is in many ways similar to giving up on one’s own … Continue reading

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Blessed Are The Rich in Enemies

There are all kinds of recommendations for achieving the surely desirable state of “blessedness,” whatever that condition itself may be. From being poor in spirit to deserving a blessing after having sneezed at something — the world is full of … Continue reading

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The Innocence of Anonymous Assessments

As education evaluators and outcomes assessment experts proliferate like rabbits, with very little evaluation of the outcome of their impact on our incomes or on personal trust and courage, there is a saintly glow rising over their offices: the sacredness … Continue reading

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Beam in the Eye

Plato complained that we humans can only see shadows of reality and that therefore our desires are focused on what is without substance. It made him substantially irritated at our humanity. What if, instead, the problem is that we only … Continue reading

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The Pleasure of Desire

There seems to be a universal conspirary against the desirability of desires, the wishfulness of wishes. And it comes from two opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand we are told, by Stoics and Buddhist nirvana-seekers, that we should … Continue reading

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When we take a closer look, it can be amazing how much of human energy is spent on “DON’T.” Even those darling children know already that, to get their parents’ full attention, one has to excite them enough to elicit … Continue reading

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