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The Stuff We Are Made Of

According to some religions we were made of dirt. What might the children think when they are told to wash that same dirt off their hands, after they created their own images in their creator’s sandbox? According to Nordic creation … Continue reading

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Academic Research and Theology

¬†Went down the stairs of a Museum of Ancient History. Hoping for the Past. Fragments of a Museum. It is an old one: needs new materials. They secretly dream of finding The Original down there, of something. Helps with the … Continue reading

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Percival and The Quest for Becoming Good

One could trust a bicycle. It’s a thing, but we can go through many scrapes and difficult situations with it and never suspect its motives. It’s a thing and therefore has no intention, not even to be mean. And then … Continue reading

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Traditional Socializing of Women and the S.A.T.

As standardized testing increases, males increasingly choose to be absent from higher education. For our leadership program at the University of Colorado Denver, up to 75% of the applicants are female. By the time young people apply to college, they … Continue reading

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Dead Ends

The great relief about dead-end streets is that we can back out of them, into open fields and forests. Sometimes we take a moment to realize that we built most of them. We don’t have to.

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In the center of a large, church-owned mental hospital, the Tannenhof, stands a chapel. The inmates of the hospital are allowed to walk out of their wards, if they have dutifully taken their medicine and the attending psychiatrist certifies that … Continue reading

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The Family Farm and Communist Capitalists

“Communist Capitalism” could make one think of the recent Chinese conversion to market ideology. But that Long March may have been a lot shorter than Mao would have wanted to admit. What I would like to offer for consideration, instead, … Continue reading

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Beyond Comparison

Two friends under a well-made umbrella, enjoying the closeness, protected from the driving rain by this slightly comical contraption. A snug cottage with a solid roof and good windows, as heavy rain drops drive against the glass panes: a sense … Continue reading

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Relativity and the Stories We Tell

“It’s all relative,” smart college students like to say. And then they grow into politicians and pretend to no longer believe in anything but absolutes, while selling us all kinds of twisted messages, in good conscience, since (hee-hee) it is … Continue reading

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How to Clean Profits

My new dishwasher from General Electric is falling apart, after a couple months of use. Of course, I didn’t really know what I was paying for when I bought it. Turns out that Warren Buffet just received a $300 million … Continue reading

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Turned to Stone

We have come a long way, from telling rich stories, such as the rich myths around the weeping goddess Niobe, to a sense of blank, unapproachable towers of concrete riches. The Greeks looked at the rough rock formations on Mount … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Memorial

Should our politicians also be willing to attend another kind of memorial service every year: a service in memory of all those who die every year, in vain, because of political squabbling over challenges to which we have proven solutions? … Continue reading

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