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Clothes without Emperor

Titles, like uniforms, do not honor a person, they make the person disappear. If the tale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” made fun of an emperor, who believed that he was wearing the newest fashion (having been told that only the … Continue reading

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Of Dachshunds and Fall Foliage

Reductionistic scientism would have us believe that every feature of living beings has to have a selfish purpose. Evolution based on survival of the fittest, as “The Theory of Everything,” is as fundamentally flawed as are any other single principles … Continue reading

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Our Kind of People

Common geographic location, anatomical similarities, political grouping, religious allegiance, and similar external attempts of establishing an identity by external association have failed miserably, in many cases. Just because you are a fellow American, Christian, Jew, Moose Lodge member, etc., does … Continue reading

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Preferring Fantasy to Unfamiliar Territory

A lot of nonsense circulating in our democracy is actually based on books. Don Quixote set out on his journey of lunatic heroism because of having read too much fiction and having absorbed it as fact. Of course, Sancho Panza, … Continue reading

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Reason for Long Life

Bristlecone Pines are said to be the oldest living beings on earth, some of them having lived for over 3000 years. We may approach them with awe, wondering what has passed through their branches, heard and unheard, seen and unseen, … Continue reading

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Racism inside out and outside in

Racism is of course a deadly serious matter, if only because it has turned deadly so many times already, in so many vicious ways. The sad thing about getting away from racism is that we will not allow ourselves the … Continue reading

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Beyond Rare

We are supposed to gauge its value by the iron law of supply and demand. They, these delicate summer swirls, are all the same, of course, from a distance. When we come up closer, fill our vision with this One, there … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Word

Sometimes noises coming from the market place, through the closed window, can wake us from pleasant dreams. Sellers, at the NY Times, of selling space to sellers of “real estate” recently hit upon a poignant sign of the times, one … Continue reading

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Pure water does not conduct electricity well. Mollusks without impurities do not produce pearls. A too regular heartbeat is a sign of trouble. Cracks and intrusions in rock are openings for new life. Are we enthralled with virgin purity because it … Continue reading

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The Berlin Wall of Knowledge

For those who would teach distortions, nothing is as uncomfortable as a student who turns out to know as much as the teacher. Even God got furious when he discovered this: “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is … Continue reading

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A Southern Thank You

Riding my bicycle across a narrow bridge this morning, a young mother with a small child made way for me. When I thanked her, she responded with a gentle smile and a happy Southern “You are welcome!” We both felt … Continue reading

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How easy it is to be thoughtlessly gruesome. We use expressions, everyday, it seems, that would make us cringe if we thought about what we are saying. What a wonderful organ the eye is, at least to a person who … Continue reading

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