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Sexual Taxation, Political Erections, and Victorious Loss of Humanity

From time to time the human race is swept away by destructive impulses more insidious than any remnants of human decency can withstand. It is relatively easy to count the dead: for example around 80 million people during World War … Continue reading

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Responses to Neither Rhyme nor Reason

How can we possibly respond to those who neither rhyme or reason. What do we do with a spoiled child, who throws a temper tantrum, screaming and twittering while wrecking anything that comes to hand, the more important the better to trash? … Continue reading

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German Lessons Anyone?

Even ignoring for a moment all those German-speaking Austrians, including the Trump-successor on the TV show “Apprentice” (where ignorance rules), Schwarzenegger – it is still somewhat embarrassing to see how many people in power have (had) German roots. Remember that … Continue reading

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Prehistoric Gargantuanism

The Royal Society of Open Science recently published an article about a giant goose which lived several million years ago: Garganornis ballmanni. Apparently this awkward animal had lost the ability to fly, to rise above the muck, and used its … Continue reading

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Fear of Trash Removal Services?

As Republicans are deciding whether to hold their noses or turn the other cheek to make a contribution, as the stench from years of garbage dumping in public places starts to invade their suburban churches, one may wonder why the … Continue reading

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A. Frustration When we were students, we used to play a rather silly dice game, called “Frustration.” The purpose was to throw dice in order to either knock off the marbles of opponents, all the way back to their starting … Continue reading

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The Excellent Usefulness of the Horse and Honors Students

(based on Dr. More) And now a word about our surely excellent children: Since I always urge my students not to start their papers with such low-brow devices as referring to dictionary definitions, and since I despise following my own advice, I want … Continue reading

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Lying to Liars

We grow up being taught that if lying is the lesser of two evils, then lies should become part of our faith, as we rally around the flag. A Washington Post article, today (“Trump’s week reveals bleak view, dubious statements … Continue reading

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Sex scandals not to the contrary, the Commissioner of the NFL was confirmed by the NFL bishops for the song and prayer of $34 million per year. In the meantime, over a million people congregated in Denver, this year’s national football … Continue reading

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National Recycling Advocates (NRA)

There are apparently multiple ways in which “spent bullet casings” (feeling spent from too much penetration) and shotgun cartridges can be recycled. One advice is that one can even reload them many times, unless the original discharge was too hot. … Continue reading

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West of Babel: IT

According to Genesis 11, in the Judaeo-Christian texts, “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech the people moved eastward… ‘The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing … Continue reading

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On Being Right when Nothing Else is Left

(There’s a yellow streak in Texas, that you’ve got to see, and nothing else can cure her, but guns for you and me…) The media once again have astonishing news from Texas. Apparently a curious hysteria has taken over more … Continue reading

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