Clothes without Emperor

My Soldiers Have to Live and Die in Uniforms, of course, but with Titles

My Soldiers Have to Live and Die in Uniforms, of course, but with Titles to Cover their Privates

Titles, like uniforms, do not honor a person, they make the person disappear. If the tale¬†of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” made fun of an emperor, who believed that he was wearing the newest fashion (having been told that only the truly cultured could see the nonexistent gowns), people who believe in titles are similarly flattered into oblivion, since they believe that they are really something, if only they can truly believe in the importance of titles.

My Prussian father, a Pastor – may his god rest his soul, once wanted to introduce me to a¬†Protestant nun, under his command. He commenced, with the appropriate tone of her Father Superior (and with, of course, true Christian humility, at the same time – not an easy task, I assure you): “Dear Sister Sissy, let me introduce you to my son, Professor Dr. Georg Gadow, visiting us from America…” to which she bowed her hooded head with: “Thank you!!! Herr Pastor!!!” – Since my presence there really was beside the point, my blushing with embarrassment also went quite unnoticed.

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