Responses to Neither Rhyme nor Reason

How can we possibly respond to those who neither rhyme or reason.

What do we do with a spoiled child, who throws a temper tantrum, screaming and twittering while wrecking anything that comes to hand, the more important the better to trash?

If Presidents Could Have Wings

The Three Furies: If only Presidents could also have wings… the better to fly off the handle…

Those who continue to try to offer calm rationality, as response to people who insist on the right to aggressively make no sense, may only enrage the Three Furies even more. Is it an accident that traditional prejudices depict the Furies as female? Vanity also was thought of as a feminine quality: we now know that vanity is even more pronounced in modern males than in modern females. Perhaps we also have to acknowledge that temper tantrums and destructiveness, beyond reason and rhyme, also have become far more pronounced in male leaders like Putin, Erdogan, and Trump. Or are these three latter-day Furies all the more irrational because they are afraid of being perceived as effeminate?

I think therefore I will soon not be

I think therefore I will soon not be


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