Prehistoric Gargantuanism

stumped goose

stumped goose

The Royal Society of Open Science recently published an article about a giant goose which lived several million years ago: Garganornis ballmanni. Apparently this awkward animal had lost the ability to fly, to rise above the muck, and used its truncated wings instead to beat up other animals. It stands to reason that somewhere in our genetic makeup a similar perversion has been made possible for some human minds. Instead of soaring to impressive heights of intelligence, the crude stumps left over in the cranial vacuum of those who currently quack the loudest, can only be used like battering rams, stupidity bravely engaging stupidity.

"Pluckering the_Goose"

“Pluckering the Goose”

Somehow, this reminds me of billionaires. Clearly they have shown that it is much more “useful” to have atrophied minds with which to beat others into submission than to rise up to such ideals as justice, freedom, and equality for all. If it is true that a small number of billionaires own as much wealth as the poorest half of the human population, then one could expect these top geese to have their way with us forever.

Funny thing is that “Garganornis ball-man-ni” died out millions of years ago, as did the equally over-endowed dinosaurs. And so will the current plague of emotionally and spiritually crippled, club-minded top ganders of our world, no matter how carefully their handlers, from behind the Ayn Rand/Neo-Con stage curtains try to manipulate us and them.



On another note, also to do with the lessons of history: during my recent hikes through the awe-inspiring wilderness of the Capitol Reef National Park, I was struck by the fact that these impressive mountains and steep valleys would have remained fairly flat plains, if it had not been for the ferocious power of floods and sandstorms, of persistent corrosive and erosive forces, over long periods of time. What we now look up to, from within the steep valleys are left-over skeletons, not lofty entities, very much unlike such towering giants as the redwoods (many of them designated for destruction by another Republican President) or the ash trees of Tasmania.

toward the sun

toward the sun

Perhaps our current billionaires are nothing but dead remnants of powerful erosive forces that have been sweeping away all signs of a level playing field for all members of the human race and indeed of all living species on earth. As such, we could be impressed by the height of their inhumanity, but we should also remember the difference between the positive forces of life soaring to ever new heights and the lifeless remains of the dead, reminders of fierce destructive forces which we ignore at our peril.

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  1. SG says:

    If billionaires become extinct, won’t they take the rest of us along? Or will extinction happen via revolution … rebels becoming the next billionaires?

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