Fear of Trash Removal Services?

How dare this dog...

How dare this dog…

As Republicans are deciding whether to hold their noses or turn the other cheek to make a contribution, as the stench from years of garbage dumping in public places starts to invade their suburban churches, one may wonder why the pure Paul Ryan is competing so fiercely with the not-so-pure Donal Trump, over who can cut more taxes.

Get away from my garbage pile!

Get away from my garbage pile!

The answer is actually quite simple: after having raided their own trashcans over and over again, for the same old slogans, they are afraid that a more efficient, well-funded government might actually restore basic services for all, including provisions for a well-educated public, which would then easily detect the difference between talking rot and honest service to the country, with justice and fairness for all.

Having played the children’s game King of the Mountain on trash heaps for so long, they now pretend to be  upset, because they are being upstaged by one of their own, who has hoarded more garbage for his trash fight than anyone of his peers.

Should we be thankful that this reductio ad absurdum is finally making obvious what has long been right under our noses?


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