West of Babel: IT

400px-Confusion_of_TonguesAccording to Genesis 11, in the Judaeo-Christian texts, “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech the people moved eastward… ‘The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

That was then. Thousands of years later, the ever-so benign God had another revelation:

IT Refugees“Since they now think that nothing is impossible for them, having Google Translator, let us have them go westward and think that they are speaking the same language: then they will kill each other more effectively than any great flood could ever do.” And so the Lord sent down his new prophets, the IT-Prophets, and everyone moved west, knowing that they would become like Americans or Germans. And the Germans and Americans, having sold them one-language-fits-all weapons and IT, knew that they could remake everyone in their own image.

Scherl; An der Sowjetfront: Auf dem Wege ins Fl¸chtlingslager - Mit dem ihnen verbliebenem Panjewagen bringt eine Familie ihre gerettete habe auf einer der groflen Ausfallstraflen Stalingrads in Sicherheit. PK-Aufnahme: Kriegsberichter Gehrmann (Sch) 5870-42, Oktober 1942

Thus, with the goodness of the Lord in their heart, the IT priests sent the message over the internet: “Let the children come unto me, because theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” And the Lord’s smile brimmed with satisfaction.

Even the millions of refugees, migrants, and the Lord’s terrorists got the message and made smartphones their most treasure possession, often even before food and shelter.

Boat_People_from_HaitiWhatever happened to the idea that we should not interfere in each other’s cultures? Could it be that letting each culture grow, suffer its own sicknesses and enjoy well-being on its own terms, is what we need to get back or forward to? Is it really too late to realize that globalism in the name of religion, capitalism, power and military supremacy, is a curse sent from an evil force up high in our own minds? Is it really too late to stop SELLING? Is the European or American or Chinese, etc., way of destroying the planet really the answer to everything?

“Let thy people go”… their own way. At home, yes, often failing in a small way, but certainly not as part of a global conflagration in which everyone pretends to understand everyone else, because nobody nurtures their unique cultural roots any longer in the soil out of which they grew.

Treaty_of_Penn_with_Indians_by_Benjamin_WestIt is a strange irony that America, the land of migration, has such strong laws at home to protect the unique cultural heritage of the few left-over “Native American” Indians, on “Reservations,” now so often also havens of gambling casinos, the poor man’s version of the global stock market, trusting in the one and only Lord’s goodness, rather than in organically growing culture.

header_583x254_ITS_1Is capitalist expansionism perhaps the real devil behind the scene, as humans swarm aimlessly, east and west, north and south, to escape from (or sell) the violence and environmental destruction created and imposed, with the force of the Almighty, by the very cultures to which they are fleeing?


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3 Responses to West of Babel: IT

  1. SG says:

    You can’t be saying that all cultures are created equal? That the finer cultures shouldn’t welcome refugees from more savage ones?

    • Contrarian says:

      Maybe they wouldn’t be savage if the finer cultures hadn’t colonized them.
      SG, you sound like someone who would ask “Who is Zimbabwe’s Bach?”

  2. Techie in Texas says:

    You’re giving the internet too much credit, as if it could homogenize (globalize) disparate cultures into One. It’s only a conduit. Probably people had the same fear when the printing press was invented.

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