At a recent auction, a copy of a 1938 comic book on Superman was sold for $2.1 million.

This isn’t about children being sold silly comic books (to “capture their imagination”), it is about our financial heroes who have so much money to play with that they have to choose what trash might pass as a good investment, while their very own government representatives work hard to keep them from having to pay taxes, which (the Christian God forbid) might otherwise end up in the hands of the poor and needy.

I can't resist stealing, therefore I am a Hero

I can't resist stealing, therefore I am a Hero

We have here another obvious example of great leadership that needs to be rewarded, because it is trickling down money into speculative garbage, making this world of ours great. It is only a slight irony that the comics’ Superman supposedly saved good people from greedy crooks and corrupt politicians, straining at the limits of his stupefying powers to fight the very injustice which makes such obscene wealth possible these days.

The narcissistic, ruthlessly irresponsible ways in which so much extreme wealth has been extracted from our society can only be trumped by the even more callous ways in which it is then “invested,” to the adoring applause of the faithful, for the good of the country.

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  1. Fifi says:

    How about a diamond dog collar for 150K? Any posh pup needs one.

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