Manly Reality

Voyeur Adam; Lilith and Eve

Voyeur Adam; Lilith and Eve

According to the Oxford English Dictionary: “The traditional distinction between sensuous and sensual is that sensuous is a more neutral term, meaning ‘relating to the senses rather than the intellect’, while sensual relates to gratification of the senses, esp. sexually.”

Applying this to our virtues, we could come up with: “The traditional distinction between virtuous and virtual is that virtuous is a more neutral term, meaning ‘relating to habits rather than the intellect’, while virtual relates to gratification of the senses, esp. sexually.”



Keeping in mind that “virtue” is based on the Latin “vir” = “man,” we may be astonished at the foresight of the creators of words in our language. Did they really know that “vir-tual reality” would be ingeniously innovated by men hoping to “gratify their senses,  esp. sexually.”

Now that bookies are laying bets on who gets the most admirers for their faces “online,” (no longer “on the strip”), feminal reality is also in fully gratifying swing. It’s good for business, we know, not reality, and thus it is in the most manly traditions of capitalism.

Irony is that to be “manly” these days one is urged to escape from all reality, all sensuous and virtuous engagement, man to man, woman to man, woman to woman.  It is the ultimate victory of the cowardly fear of the human body and of those who feel left out where Lilith rules.

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Do Fence Me In

I am not a pig, you are

I am not a pig, you are

A pig on the other side of the fence is never indifferent. Not to me. I am better than that.

A reason to prey and pray, to condone and to condemn. Alleluia.

A season to kill. Amen.

If there were no fences, pigs might oink together. No power in that.

Oh Lord of Peccaries, save us of from the tempting peccadillos of pigs.

I am fenced in, therefore I am.


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Ethics of DNR

Much has been made of the ethics of “Do Not Resuscitate” or “Do not Respond, when you see no life signs.”  It is an admonition to a person capable of relevant action. Important as such decisions may be, now and then, far more significant in our daily life is the iron rule of self-important people that they have a right, even a duty not to respond.

It is a law of the universe that gods don’t have to respond when we thank them. More curious is the law of ethical egoists (“every action is based on self-interest”) that they do not need to respond to our thanking them, because they know that we want what is good for us and therefore should be grateful for any help we can get. Obviously! – What they forget is that, by their own religion, they would only have helped us if it was in their self-interest, therefore they should really be thanking us, or at least return the thanks with equal force. But then, why thank anybody for anything: take what you get and run… unless of course you want to come back for more. In the latter case, two tried-and-true strategies offer themselves: 1) we thank the other so profusely that he or she is motivated to do the deed again, or 2) we act as if we really did them a favor and that therefore they owe us, for every time they helped us.

Now, the latter strategy won’t do with gods, obviously! Privileged gods and irresistible, superior humans are beyond accepting favors. Any sacrifice performed at their altar is a duty to our own salvation, since they could not possibly need anything we could offer.

Which brings me to the most current version of DNR: “Do Not Reply.” The corporate world and automated messaging services send us this veiled warning, lest we forget that they are dead to us, do not care what we may have to say. It is rather like their universal blasts of advertising messages, with the “do not ask questions, just buy what you are supposed to buy” anonymity attached.

to be seen and not heard

to be seen and not heard

On the interpersonal level, the tough-minded know that it is not good for the baby if we keep responding to his or her cries for help, nor is it good for people in need if we, by responding, do not allow them to help themselves. And if a child is all excited about something she has created, don’t encourage her or she will become a nuisance.

Perhaps we could summarize all of ethics in the one quality: the willingness to respond.

How we respond, and to what extent, will depend on how inclusive, how sensitive, how thoughtful our perception is of the fellow human being. Yet the unwillingness to respond may be at the very root of most unethical behavior.

However, in our utilitarian world, it is even more complicated than that. Much of modern society’s dynamics are geared toward eliminating personal responses and instead sending manipulative messages with the “do not reply” in the very name of the message sender. “I am nobody. Do not try to talk to me. I am not a living being. Do what the message tells you to do and be quiet. Yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do and buy.”

One key to the rising levels of depression, alienation, self-destructive behaviors, the inability to commit to anything but distractions, may indeed lie in our fear of responding to one another, as persons, and not as members of corporate social media: End of Life.


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Self Organizing Reverberations

When I was three years old, our chauffeur looked at my once again bandaged knees and remarked that he had heard from our doctor that I am tough. Upon which he said: “I show you what tough is really like,” took a hammer and a nail and proceeded to hammer the nail into his leg. An undefinable sadness crept into my soul: he didn’t have to do that! He didn’t have to do that just to prove his toughness to me. I would never hurt my knee on purpose…

He then pulled up his trousers and showed me his wooden leg, his own leg having been torn off two years earlier, in the war. Asleep later, I had a nightmare of grim-faced men surrounding him and hammering his leg to pieces. The reverberations of seeing him drive the nail into his legs are still with me today. I can still cringe from the pain which I thought he must feel and the loneliness in his soul which I thought I felt within him.

What we do does leave patterns perhaps most of all within ourselves, more so than any external events.

Cymatics: Cornstarch and water under the influence wave vibration

Cymatics: Cornstarch and water under the influence of wave vibration

We know from the studies of cymatics that sounds create patterns even in liquids, and that  chaotic iron filings can be organized into clear patterns by sound waves. If our liquid psyche is at all affected by what is done to us, would it not be equally interesting to think again about what our actions do to our own being?

Even if the outcome of my destructive act were to be benign (against my will), would the waves of my nasty intentions still reorganize my mind, my soul, my self in a way that leaves something like a “post-traumatic stress syndrome” in me, like patterns of the iron filings on a plate? We know that soldiers coming back from wars often have more lasting scars from what they have done than from what was done to them.

The song of iron filings

The song of iron filings

Where is this going? Well, actually I was thinking about a question a friend asked, about the destructive forces of nature, and how they do not seem as bad as our human environmental destructiveness. The friend maintained that even volcanoes have a long-term beneficial effect, in spite of their destructive impact on the environment, if only because lava will become rich soil in many places. Overtones of the Gaya hypothesis came out in the discussion, that everything natural on earth ultimately leads to good outcomes, as if earth heals itself and increases its diversity, as long as we humans don’t interfere.

This does of course leave open the question, what will happen to Gaya and all the diversity once earth dies or is blown to pieces by a huge meteor, etc.. The possibilities of Gaya’s annihilation are actually quite diverse themselves, never mind our special human potential.

Where does that leave our efforts to save the environment, to teach respect for plants and animals, and for “Nature” at least to our children?

In the path of storms

In the path of storms

Another friend sent me a picture of the devastation that the storms have caused this week on the West Coast. Carefully nurtured and protected trees, in an environmentally educated community suddenly thrown aside like so much dead wood. Why care for nature’s plants when nature is itself so ruthless?

In the name of humanity

In the name of humanity

Point is: only we can be ruthless. Only we can introduce patterns of ruthless intentions into nature and into the very structures of our own self. The child that bloodies his knees knows very well the difference between the awkward fall, however painful, as opposed to someone else intentionally bloodying the knee, or someone even bloodying their own legs. And the child will suffer in his or her soul from the reverberations of such intentions – unless the soul is already so scarred and deadened that it no longer feels much of anything. That is why we try to toughen soldiers before they go to war, amputating their ability to resonate with their own actions and their ability to feel with others.

In whatever way our actions may reverberate, in the long run, here on earth or in parallel universes that we do not even understand yet: the reverberations in our own self will be there forever, as the loneliness of the crippled soldier reverberated not only in the three year old but also decades later, just as clearly or even more so, in the old man.


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Lowest Common Denominator

The least

The least

Once we have reduced people to numbers and human dignity to the titles that dignitaries need to cover their privates, such as “Professor” or “Terrorist” or “Mr. President,” everything else is just a question of finding the lowest common denominator.

We have been taught, early on, that fractions are more important than the personal life of children, and fractions are all about reducing: it’s what’s below the belt that counts and the smaller the more virtuous.



Against this background, imagine the excitement of the Rumsfelds, the Cheneys, hiding behind the flaming Bushes, when they found a common denominator with the terrorist fanatics of the world: not only could they now recognize each other as having simpleton religion in common, they had every reason to join forces in the shared kinkiness of torture.

The only thing left to achieve universal lowliness was to seduce some scientists to come down to the same common denominator. It used to take 30 pieces of silver to induce traitors of humanity to join the crowd. These days, “scientists,” like those two highly religious psychologists who actually administered the rites of CIA crucifixion, wanted $81 million from the American taxpayers, money that otherwise might have been wasted on the poor. (And what would Ayne Rand have said about that, God forbid.)

National Security

National Security

It does bring to mind the verse “what you have done to the least among you, that you have done to me,” or to paraphrase “what you have done to the least among you, that you have done to the highest within you.” But do those who want to reduce others to total helplessness, those who can’t wait to rush in to become like the sickest examples of humanity, do these even have any sense left of what is highest about our humanity?

Where dumbing down voters, reducing politics to lies about “yes, we can,” where opportunities for watching ever more mindless parades of human destructiveness, from Hollywood to Sports Arenas to Daily News, is the standard arsenal for undermining human dignity, why not do a little torture for reals, get down and dirty.

After all, we love stories even from the past that brim with violence. True Christians surely have always loved the side of the victorious Romans and the powerful Pharisees far more than the losers on crosses. And boy, did the Romans and the Pharisees know about national security and paying good money to those who would betray humanity. What a great story!

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Forked Facts

Those who like to speak in forked tongues tend to appeal to FACTS to speak for themselves.

Too Many Gods Spoiling the Soup

Too Many Gods Spoiling the Soup

Actually, what happened at the famous Tower of Babylon disaster was not that  the people magically learned to speak more languages than we could ever dream of. No, what happened is that the various gods inhabited each available brick and let the bricks hit people over the head with facts. Talk about a well-founded, towering conflagration of the dumb-founded! Even today people try to get closer to the gods, on the same hallowed grounds, by claiming exclusive access to facts that speak for themselves, messengers of gods who have apparently lost all interest.

"The Proud, the Few, the ???"

“The Proud, the Few, the ???”

But on to more important matters of fact. Every year, over 2000 classical musicians graduate from German universities and musical schools. They usually have practiced their instrument, about 6 hours a day, since age 6, with at least 6 different music teachers (“666″ the sign of the Wild Beast, nay, the Anti-Christ, according to Revelations, so what would you expect?)  – having graduated they now compete for 150 positions in orchestras, etc., and not only against each other but against competitors from all over the world.

Now here is the rub: never mind how beautifully these applicants may interpret their pieces, during the application process – ONE wrong note and they are out. That wrong note is a fact. No room for interpretation or improvisation or creative transformation. Fact. Forget how many years, how many hours, how much love and devotion you have lavished on your dream of playing in a symphony orchestra. Next please!

Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin

Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin

Compare this, for example, to a seemingly much more deadly environment. The NY Times ran a story, today, about the estimated 26,000 sexual assaults, in a year, in the American military, of which “only” 3,300 were reported. Of those who did report these assaults, 62% were retaliated against. One case, featured in the report, concerns an Air Force officer, who was found guilty of rape, by a jury of his peers, only to have the conviction overturned by his commanding general. Senator Gillibrand is quoted as saying “So you have a culture where rapists go free, there’s no accountability for sexual assault, there’s a climate where everything is shoved under the rug and people are actually punished for reporting sexual assault.”

UNODC : Reported rape per 100,000 population (2011)

UNODC : Reported rape per 100,000 population (2011)

The joyous thing about these Air Force officers is that they are now busy punishing Islamic rapists in Syria and Iraq by dropping on them some of the finest bombs and assorted munitions that money can buy, from heaven above, Judgement Day.

As we can easily see: facts don’t speak for themselves, it is a question of cultural context. But then, as Supreme Court Justice Scalia wrote already so eloquently about the innocent language of facts: “Supreme Court briefs are an inappropriate place to develop the key facts in a case, here we accept the studies’ findings on faith, without examining their methodology at all.” And then let the facts speak for themselves, perhaps with a little helping hand from the prophets at law.

"Them foreigners"....(Meeting of victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

“Them foreigners”….(Meeting of victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Clearly, one mistake of an Air Force officer  (up there closer to the gods than the Tower of Babel could ever have reached) and countless of innocent people could die. But these angels of destruction may apparently ruin the lives of women without being dismissed from their “orchestra.” Should we not hold people armed with tools of destruction to higher standards than people who enrich our lives with the beauty of music?

Oops, a Minuteman

Oops, a Minuteman

Apparently not. Which is why we spend well over $1,000 billion on the military, while the same government spends only 146 million on the arts. (Germany, even with its shrinking market for musicians, spends ten times as much).

Are we continuing to take the wrong fork in the road, lamenting that the facts have spoken and are forcing us into a culture of violence? But then, to rape is a forgivable manly lapse, to play a violin in a classical orchestra probably should be classified under “don’t ask and don’t tell,” let the fact of your manhood speak for itself.

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“Fermi Paradox”

A gifted College Senior sent the following request, which I will of course have to honor, as part of my playing with students’ minds:

“I enjoy reading your blog and was wondering if you’d want to do a post talking about the Fermi Paradox (the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and humanity’s lack of contact with, or evidence for, such civilizations). I’d be interested in hearing your musings about why we’re so apparently alone in our galaxy, specifically regarding certain theories that all intelligent life eventually destroys itself (or its resources) before it is capable of interstellar travel.”

HG Wells  Playing

HG Wells Playing

I actually do not have that much new to say to this age-old question. The answer is so obvious that we have always known it, in one form or another. The only difference is that we are beginning to realize that the boy (and his interfering sister), who was given this here toy set, has now become a teenager and has moved from primarily playing silly physical war games to becoming more interested in manipulating his earthlings’ minds into the most ridiculous twists of irrational responses one can imagine. How else would you explain that the Republican Party won any votes in the last election, having been against everything, and that the Democrats hoped to win votes by being for absolutely nothing? Only an idle teenage mind could come up with such a twisted game of influencing the weak human brains, by means of alien telepathy, to play out such a complete absurdity, probably also in the name of  the “Post-Modernism,” readily supplied by the boy as liberal backdrop.

From simpler times

From simpler times

This crafty kid from a more skilled civilization of aliens (Republicans have also been brainwashed into being against all aliens, even their very existence, with the exception of those whom they exploit at leisure as maids, cheap labor “home on the range,” etc.) –  this now Adolescent Alien even provided us with a resident philosopher, to get us all the more ready for the game: Alasdair MacIntyre (who converted from philosophy to catholicism, itself a neat trick played on him by our Alien mental puppeteer).

Here are two samples of the Adolescent Alien (AA, which also stands for “Aliens Anonymous,” not be confused with Alcoholics Anonymous) philosopher’s message, from up high: “… the unity of a human life becomes invisible to us when a sharp separation is made between the individual and the role he or she is playing.” In other words, do not ask a Republican or Democrat or an increasingly impoverished voter, who voted for soaking the rich, to make sense as an individual, thoughtful person, to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Simply fire them on to play their preordained role, in accordance with the plot our AA is insinuating into their brains.

"roles into which we have been drafted"

“roles into which we have been drafted”

Here is the second choice morsel from the AA’s philosopher:

>>I can only answer the question “What am I to do?” if I can answer the prior question “Of what story or stories do I find myself a part?” We enter human society, that is, with one or more imputed characters – roles into which we have been drafted.<< (MacIntyre “After Virtue”)

Stamp of Approval

Stamp of Approval

No more is needed. Life is intelligent again, because we now know that ours is not to reason why… Washington makes sense again, racism makes sense again, even fornicating cardinals make sense again, since our boy is obviously playing out a story of keeping humans as close to insanity as possible, without (mind-) blowing themselves up altogether, yet.

Yes, we have been visited by intelligent life from outer space all along, and the solid proof is our otherwise unexplainable level of stupefaction.


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Separating Mind and Body

Revisiting the film version of Alexandre Dumas’ “La Reine Margot,” centered around the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of 1572, I was reminded of how fervently religious people of all ages have tried to assist the human race in separating mind from body, sending the bodies into smoldering or rotting graves and our souls to hell.

oh, when the Saints...

oh, when the Saints…

If the atrocities of past religious forms of Christian love or Communist or Nazi roads to salvation were to be broadcast on YouTube, raked over in today’s media, the way we now revel in the horrors of ISIS beheadings, etc., we would surely get bored very quickly by the ineptitude of those Arab extremists: what boyish showmanship to murder, rape, torture a few hundred here and there, when good Christians could do it by the thousands, for example around 6000 fellow Christians (and who is counting?) in one St. Bartholomew’s Day.

St. Bartholomew of course is to be revered because he was skinned alive, in honor of Jesus, while God looked on in delight at so much devotion. Such Love!

Ah, yes “love.” Why is it that the vast majority of religious people are so obsessed with separating physical love from “spiritual” love? Is there perhaps a direct correlation to their obsession with torturing and murdering the body of human beings with impunity, because the “soul” can still be “loved,” even though the lovers of God are busy murdering the body (also supposedly a creation of their God)?

For the Love of God, or Allah, or the Proletariat...

For the Love of God, or Allah, or the Proletariat…

If one is so very physically in need of doing something horrendous to the body of a fellow human being, is it not much safer to preach at the same time that the physical is sin, is negligible, should be cut to pieces in order to free our “human spirit.”

God forbid that two human beings should merge in such love that their love forms a complete union in which neither their bodies, nor their minds, emotions and spirit know of any distinction. That, hellfire and fornication, could all too easily be mistaken as pure love, pure not by exclusion but by the purity of loving inclusion of all in all.  – Reason enough to cut them to pieces, in the name of salvation.

"Hiroshima Mon Amour"

“Hiroshima Mon Amour”

As if there were any higher salvation from human sicknesses than the complete love we can sing through each other’s body to all that we are, the sanctity and wholeness of all in each of us, as we are now.

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Why Good Christians Vote and Pray Republican

Usually less than meets the eye, but don't look!!!

Usually less than meets the eye, but don’t look!!!

In a recent interview for Der Spiegel (2014 10 23), a recruiter for ISIS faithfully recited the world-wide dogma: “Democracy is for those without Faith.” Speaking anonymously, no pictures allowed, face covered with a heavy beard (no bare-faced lies here), he bravely proclaimed what so many believers in the Ayn Rands of this world, in the way of capitalism, and in God the Clockmaker, secretly would love to profess: the “will of the people” is a blasphemy! The true believer only knows the will of God.

Could Jesus be under there?

Could Jesus be under there?

Yes,  “Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed” (King James), or better still “Happy are those who don’t see and yet believe” (CEB), more in line with the recent emphasis on “Republicans are happy people” (Christians have always been blissfully happy, especially when killing each other in the name of love and the infidels for the Glory of God).

Why would anyone trust in democracy? Please! Even on the dollar bill it does not say “in democracy we trust” but “in God we trust.” Can you imagine a capitalist economy based on the fully informed will of the people? Talk about breaking the bank!

Holy Smoke!

Holy Smoke!

The Seniors in our University Honors and Leadership program (UHL (believe in what is not spelled out)), most of them being pre-med, recently wrote essays on the question: should we entrust future biomedical advances to public debates and rely on democratic decision making?Practically down to the last man and woman, they declared that this is something to be left to the experts, even though they readily agreed that biomedical advances (not to be confused with making advances toward patients) will have significant long-term effects on our society, pregnant as it is already with the seeds of expert intelligence.

God-Knows-Best with a non-compliant patient

God-Knows-Best with a non-compliant patient

None of these soon-to-be Lords of Health students even hinted at the possibility that one may instead want to vastly improve our education systems, counteracting the cutbacks imposed, in good faith, by mostly Republican believers in only a song and a prayer for the masses. Even when I quoted Jefferson’s proposal that a democracy is only as good as its education system, they thought their fellow citizens largely incapable of knowing what they, the future medical students, did not yet know and would soon forget, once they donned their White Coat cum Stethoscope (the medical equivalent of all “you can trust me” uniforms.)

Interestingly enough, there is again a debate in the European Union about the obvious ways in which the bureaucratic masters in Brussels have fairly removed themselves from the will of the people and intend to do so more and more. Hopefully, they too will sing with God’s people everywhere: “Democracy is for the Infidels.” Thus the faithful, the bureaucrats, the Neo-Cons, the doctors, the strategically covered women, and anonymous bearded faces will all come together, joined by the endless masses of the duped, to praise the Lord of Ignorance.

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ISIS: Hollywood Extras Dying to Be in The Movies

While the international press and whole flocks of politicians are competing over who can roar the loudest against the blood and gore perpetrated by ISIS, while right now these blood thirsty fanatics are decimating towns and villages in Syria and Iraq, Mel Gibson is shown on television, here, twice in a row today (aren’t we blessed), decapitating all kinds of people, drenched in blood, in the patriotically historic movie “Braveheart.” The sheer number of body parts flying through the air, the amount of blood smeared all over the place, the piles of dead bodies surely would make any ISIS fighter dream of going to Hollywood.

In the meantime, shows such as “The Walking Dead” are on the hit list, and one can read comments from parents, explaining “since kids are going to watch violence anyway, why not let them watch the Walking Dead?” The number of movies competing with ISIS for atrocities is of course too great to list. One relevant scene, for example, might be from the still popular movie “The Hunted,” which opens with a lens-feast of civilians being mowed down by Serbian gangs, over and over again.

Romans_(Niketas_Oryphas)_punish_Cretan_SaracensOne could argue that some of the young people who have joined ISIS did so because they do not have meaningful lives in our modern world. But then one has to wonder why Hollywood, with practically endless supplies of money, materials and talented people, cannot think of anything more meaningful to do with all these riches than to produce an endless supply of detailed movies of every imaginable violence and horror.

It is safe to predict that Hollywood is already chomping at the bit to get their hands on some of those ticket-selling decapitations, rapes, murders, and mass executions. What else would one expect Hollywood to do? It’s money in the bank.

And of course, if any of those young ISIS fighters had been watching Hollywood, Mel Gibson etc. in action, we would still say: “yes, but that was only art and there is no correlation between what bored Hollywood does, unable to think of anything else, and what religious warriors want to do, in order to become famous like a movie star.”

When will we ever face up to Hollywood, the way we claim to want to face up to religious and ideological maniacs? Probably never, because as we know: violence in movies sells tickets and violence in the name of the gods sells weapons to all sides. To imagine anything else is not only anti-capitalistic socialism, it is unpatriotic and, well, blasphemous.

And, since there are absolutely no secrets to the violence generated by these walking dead who have taken over Hollywood long ago, not even the NSA would want to protect us from such destructive forces against our society: much more fun to watch the action!

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Propriety: The Anti-Human

Does it matter?

Does it matter?

Reports today suggest that Princeton scientists may have discovered Anti-Matter. That of course could be used to wipe out everything that matters, with the possible exception of the human spirit, if it is viewed as immaterial.

We have long labored in apprehension regarding anti-gods, Anti-Christs, always raising “the anti” if there does not seem to be enough fear in the world. However, while we are busy trying to discover ever new magnitudes of what could come up against us, from the outside, we have luxuriated in the world-wide viral spreading of something that is far more aimed against who we are, uniquely, as human beings.



The fertile birthplace of everything anti-human can easily defined by the simple descriptor: “You and I better not agree to do this with one another, because it is not what one is supposed to do.” – The more you and I feel that there is an interpersonal dynamic developing between us, uniquely ours, indescribable in institutional, legalistic, general or societal terms, the more we should shrink back in horror, guilt or at least suspicion, because, if it were proper, other people would do it as well, and it would fit into the general scheme of things.

Institutional and professional codes of conduct are a marvelous example of such suppression and punitive formulas against everything “personal.” “Don’t bring the personal to your workplace. Nothing personal!” If we look behind the facade of these anti-human nay-sayers, they all have one thing in common: they argue that since the personal can be abused by people with ill intentions, the very possibility of anything deeply personal should be eliminated from the world, other than perhaps at funerals. (It is rather like saying we should not allow apples into institutional settings because somebody might throw them at a fellow committee member, to say nothing of the fact that the devil used the apple to get us in trouble with paradise.)

Hammurabi's Ship to Hell

Hammurabi’s Ship to Hell

It is hard to believe that anyone, in good faith, would honestly propose that the very essence of being human, human intimacy and interpersonal connections, are themselves the cause of their abuse, in the hands of those craving power or those who despise everything human. The only plausible reason for their banishing our humanity from our workplace, our public life, and yes, even the life of friends and family, is that these code-of-conduct makers hate everything that is truly human, have themselves turned into the very “anti-matter” of humanity, and have committed themselves to only one function in the universe, to undermine, curb, forbid and ultimately eliminate everything human from the universe, before anti-matter takes care of the rest.

One ought, therefore, resist Propriety like the very Devil. One should, at the very least, always be wary of institutional and other codes of conduct, as we used to be wary of Judgmental Hell itself. However, let’s make sure, in the best traditions of the British Empire, that we do not speak to one another until we have been Properly Introduced, thereby guaranteeing Propriety above all.

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"You make me mad" - seek help,

“You make me mad” – seek help

All interferers are created equal and should be treated as such. It does not matter who interferes with whom and for what purpose: they are all the Devil’s creatures. The only exception, complicated as it may be at times, are those who interfere with interferers, to stop these from interfering in the lives of others or to protect ourselves against them.

Ira: anger in the name of the Lord

Ira: anger in the name of the Lord

The tolerance of interferers (“inter-fearers”) is completely unacceptable. To claim that adherents to this or that religion should be granted the “religious freedom” to take away the freedom of other people is complete and utter nonsense, as well as one of the most dangerous inventions of our attempts to become civilized.

Jean-Baptiste Jupille, first to be inoculated against rabies, but not yet religion

Jean-Baptiste Jupille, first to be inoculated against rabies, but not yet religion

One does not have to reserve a special place for the foaming-at-the-mouth Islamic mad dogs all over the globe, these days. The Christian Bible has always given plenty of disease ridden, rabies-infecting substance to support similar disregard for the dignity of “God’s creatures”, i.e. for persons so complete in themselves that they should be respected as having been formed in God’s or Allah’s or Dionysus’ etc. image. One does not interfere with perfection without insulting the creator.

But then there are texts such as Psalm 2, 8-9: Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron, You shall shatter them like earthenware.” And we complain about what the crazies are doing in the Middle East again? The gods are said to create beautiful earthenware, and then throw a mad fit, dashing it all to pieces. No regard, of course, for the dignity of “the children of god.” The gods, like sharks are known to devour their own children.

Divine Comedy: Inferno is God's Will

Divine Comedy: Inferno is God’s Will

Why are perfectly peaceful people, filled with respect for the uniqueness of each individual person, so ready to pronounce with all the political correctness they can fake: “Not all Muslims, not all Christians, not all… are interferers,” when all of these religions are sanctimoniously pronouncing, like the Devil, that they have the right, nay the duty, to interfere in the lives of others.

It does remind one of the high percentage of abused children, children that have been interfered with, who then become abusers themselves, not only of their children, but of spouses and of as many of their fellow human beings as they can get their twisted minds and hands on. Should we not be thankful that the priests that have been known to interfere with children did at least not dash them to pieces, like their lord. If they had true religion, they would have killed and tortured them in the grand style of the current “ISIS” faithful.

In the light of  “and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance” one does wonder if Putin is deep down a religious man – but then there has never been that much of a difference between religion and communism, etc., when it comes to inter-fearing in the lives of others. 

The answer is simple: containment. Anyone who claims the right to interfere in the lives of others should be excluded from the community of human beings, like a mad dog.

oh what fun it is to ride in a one cause open slay

oh what fun it is to ride in a one cause open slay

In practice, however, this simple solution would imply that we isolate, refuse contact with all kinds of so-called human beings: not just the “Faithful” of religion, but even capitalists who rob others of the chance to lead a normal life, teachers who force children into “Attention Deficit Disorder” by inter-fearing into them the requirement to sit still, therapists who “cure” this disorder, food producers who make us sick, even those noisy people out there on the street who have no regard for the peace of others, polluters of the environment… the list could be endless. But we could make a start, as we got a fairly good start on Demons.

We used to attribute madness to being possessed by the demons of religion. Then we ascended into the more tolerant heavens of psychotherapy and declared madness an illness. The time has come to acknowledge that being a screwball or weirdo or streaker or someone who shows their face openly, etc., is no cause for interfering in the lives of these individuals, that the only true sickness is all that which drives us to interfere in the lives of others, like rabies or religion.


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